Electrostatic Air Filter - RON/A 60



The RON/A 60 model from the ELBARON® vertical aspiration range is the most compact unit. 
It is designed to be installed on the fairings of smaller machines. When this is not possible, 
it can also be installed in close proximity using the available accessories.

The flowrate provided by the RON/A 60 can vary between 200 and 550 m3/h.

All models are available in SIMPLEX, DUPLEX and INCOMPLETE DUPLEX versions.

ELBARON® electrostatic air purifiers provide unequalled performance in removing oil and emulsion mists and fumes produced by all kinds of machine tools.

Whole oil mists, composed of numerous microscopic particles, produce a lot of clogging. 
Retaining them using mechanical barriers may quickly lead to significant reductions in flow rates 
and/or prohibitive costs for the replacement of filters.

Unlike mechanical filters, ELBARON® electrostatic air purifiers provide near-constant low pressure in machinery working spaces and 
all filtering elements of these devices can be washed and re-used without the need for consumables.

The range of products is used with machine tools, turning, general mechanics, the car industry, watch-making etc.

A large choice of horizontal and vertical models and a wide range of accessories provide suitable solutions for all types of machinery.

All models within the range are available in SIMPLEX versions (one electrostatic filter), 
DUPLEX versions (two electrostatic filters) and INCOMPLETE DUPLEX (one electrostatic filter + one empty site for a second filter).

The INCOMPLETE DUPLEX function: A unique technical advantage!

The filtration capacity of INCOMPLETE VERSIONS of ELBARON® devices (D-1H and D-1V) can subsequently be doubled without modifying the device.

One just needs to install a second high-efficiency electrostatic filter in the unit.

This technical capability avoids major costs (replacement of the unit) when the quantity or density of pollutants increases or
when legislation covering air quality at work stations is changed.


All particles > 0.01 microns, whether liquid or solid, are given an electrostatic charge in ioniser A,

they are then separated from the air flow by plates with the opposite charge in collection zone B.

The only units which can effectively protect health are those which are capable of removing <1 micron particles,
which are often present in large quantities in mists and are particularly noxious as they penetrate the respiratory system.

ELBARON® electrostatic air purifiers remove almost 100% of particles.


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