MCB Series (4 Rolls)

MCB Series (4 Rolls)


The MCB rolling machine line is the ideal apparatus to bend plate from 10 mm to 200 mm thicknesses with widths varying from two to up to six metres. It is accurate, user friendly and fast (plate advancement speed of six mt/min) and represents the best available on the market today. The MCB also represents advantages not available on other models. It can automatically pre-bend the leading edge leaving the shortest possible flat end. The MCB can roll the plate without removing, turning or reintroducing the plate as required by a single leading pre-bending machine used for this range of plate thicknesses. Unlike three roll models that require pre-bending on both ends, the MCB only requires that leading edge is pre-bent. Another important advantage is the possibility to make a shell in a single pass. The operator needs to identify only the lateral rolls position whereas on the three roll machine it is necessary to identify the six or nine positions to bend successfully a single shell.


The advantages of the DAVI "PSG" system:
- Best pre-bending (shortest flat end), The DAVI planetary swing guide technology allows the operator to obtain absolutely the best results in pre-bending.
- Greater Power is available (bending capacity), Bending power increase is distriduted homogeneously irrespective of shell diameters, even during pre-bending.
- Tighter diameter cones are possible

Machine Specifications                        
DAVI Model Roll width   Rolling thickness Prebending thickness Top roll diameter Bottom clamping
roll diameter
 Electric power
  mm mm mm mm mm HP
MCB 2027 2050 20 18 270 250 25
MCB 2037 2050 42 38 370 340 40
MCB 2533 2550 22 18 330 300 25
MCB 245 2550 46 38 450 410 60
MCB 3034 3100 20 16 340 310 25
MCB 3041 3100 35 28 410 380 40
MCB 3060 3100 70 60 600 550 100


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